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"Local Earth" program

"Lokalna Ziemia" program ("Local Earth")

Our series of local activities are called "Local Earth". Klub Gaja began with local activity. In addition to our work for animal rights, local campaigns have included the prevention of trees being felled in the old town square; stopping a tyre incinerator being built in the centre of the town; ensuring the inclusion of environmental protection equipment in a medical waste incinerator which were not previously to be incorporated; a campaign for homeless dogs and cats in the wintertime and a campaign to reduce the number of frog deaths during their migration.

Jacek Bozek is the elected chair of the Community Eco-Development Committee of Bielsko-Biala. This committee was formed through a process following the principles of Agenda 21. The Committee involved those from different aspects of society such as farmers, business people, scientists, teachers and young people, to work on a vision for the ecological development of Bielsko-Biala, based on principles of consensus. We have an official agreement with the foresters about the future care of the area of Kołowrot in the Beskidy mountains.
Together with the foresters we have established special protection for this area and are working together to develop an education trail. Environmental education and awareness raising is a vital activity.

Our work includes co-operation with schools and colleges, such as giving talks, slide shows and workshops.
Many people contact us for help or to ask us to become more involved in matters relating to the environment where they live or relating to a cultural issue.
This work covers our whole region and can include sending official letters to different bodies and visiting places at the invitation of those requesting help. Helping in such cases forms a major part of our local activity. We organise a wide range of cultural activities and happenings as part of the European Week Against Racism and for Tolerance.

Volunteering with Klub Gaja

We work very closely with our volunteers who are involved in our activity.
We have full time volunteers who work on campaign activity, support the part-time volunteers and help in Bajka.
The full-time volunteers also have very specific roles and responsibility in the following areas: running the centre "Bajka Klubu Gaja"; international co-ordination; educational work, exhibition development, implementation and responsibility for part-time volunteers; artwork, design, graphics and publication layout.
Volunteers are involved in planning, preparation and implementation.
Weekly volunteer meetings every Thursday enable regular updates as to future happenings, events and campaign developments as well as the voicing of projects they would like to carry out.
This can be for actions, for planning, preparation and distribution of support material for local campaign activity.
Input also includes writing articles for Klub Gaja publications, support with the provision of Klub Gaja stalls at actions and events around the country; being part of main Klub Gaja actions and presentations which may take theatrical form; helping with the display of our exhibitions and giving talks around the country and abroad.
Around the country many volunteers collect signatures for the petitions and help with networking activity.

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